Check Out Any Issues in Your Home

Check Out Any Issues in Your Home

Make the most of your warranty by requesting an 11-month inspection

Most home warranties last for a year. If you don't notice anything wrong until after your one year is up, you could end up paying for costly repairs. Save yourself the trouble- and the money- by arranging for an 11-month inspection. Capital City Home Inspections will search your home for any problems covered under your home warranty.

Contact us today to schedule an 11-month inspection before your home warranty expires.

You can get a warranty inspection from us

Is the warranty on your home almost up? Get a warranty inspection from a trained home inspector. We'll keep an eye out for anything wrong with your foundations, roof and HVAC system.

We can complete a full report on your home. You'll be able to take this report to your landlord or construction company.

Call 252-544-3655 now to find out more about getting a warranty inspection.