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There are home defects that can make even a seasoned buyer lose sleep. Our licensed home inspector service takes away the worry and gives you peace of mind after buying a new home. We ensure your pre-listing home inspection addresses every problem before you move in. Once the defects have been dealt with, your home inspection warranty becomes active. Our company provides a 1 year new home warranty inspection to homeowners in Raleigh, NC. This warranty protects you from common mechanical and structural failures after buying a home. Additionally, we offer an 11 month home inspection to keep tabs on the condition of your home.

Our licensed home inspector examines the materials protected by the warranty. Usually, covered items vary according to the type of home inspection warranty. Call us today and sign up for the warranty you are comfortable with.

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What Is An 11 Month Home Inspection?

Unlike insurance, a home inspection warranty is not comprehensive. It covers only particular items in your new home. For this reason, our licensed home inspector explains to you what our warranty covers. This form of inspection protects you from damages that occur after moving into a new home. Oftentimes, a seller will cover up flaws by staging the house. Unfortunately, the facade does not last long once a few months pass by. That’s why we are stepping in with our home inspection to help you get ahead of any surprises within 11 months of buying a house.

As an expert licensed home inspector, we understand your need to be certain of what you are buying. For this reason, our services extend to more than one area. We service Louisburg, Rocky Mount, Franklin County, Franklinton, Wake Forest, Youngsville, Castalia, East Wake, and Nash County.

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The Importance Of A 1 Year New Home Warranty Inspection

To both new and seasoned home buyers, having a 1 year new home warranty inspection can save you from making a costly mistake. First of all, an inspection gives you a full picture of what you are buying. Secondly, in case of major repairs, you need a warranty to foot the bill within a year of purchasing the house. Our 1 year new home warranty inspection activates after pre-listing defects have been dealt with. Our licensed home inspector examines the exterior and interior areas of your home within these 12 months. In case of serious damage, you can file a claim before the warranty expires.

Normally, it is best for you to join us in the walk through of your property. After a thorough check-up, our licensed home inspector writes an in-depth report of the visit. This saves you time and money on unforeseen damages.

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The Benefits Of A Home Inspection Warranty

No buyer wants to pay for someone else’s negligence. Likewise, home sellers don’t want to fork out tons of dollars in fixing a house. However, this should not discourage you from buying your dream home. When you have a trusted, licensed home inspector by your side, you can easily avoid these mistakes. We offer a home inspection warranty for buyers in Franklin County, NC area.

If there are serious defects in your new home, your inspection warranty acts as a contingency. You can cancel the purchase without a penalty within the agreed timeframe. You can also ask the seller to reduce the price or fix the house in case of damages. A home inspection warranty allows you to claim things that need repair or improvements. Hire a licensed inspector and save yourself from the concern that sometimes comes with buying a new home.

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    Dee Calloway
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    Nick Peaden
    10/24/2018 - Google

    Adam performed a very thorough inspection of the property that I have under contract. He would explain everything he... read more

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